I would love to study art but can't draw a straight line.

I'd like to draw regularly, in a supportive, noncompetitive atmosphere.

My child wants to go to a good art college, bur needs extra training.

Art instruction for me and my child would be a terrific experience.

Work no longer provides growth opportunities. I feel stunted, but cannot leave and need a creative outlet.

Sketching out-of-doors sounds terrific, but I'm uncomfortable doing it myself.

In college, I was an art major, but didn't learn much.

I'd just like to get back to what I loved to study...as a kid I loved drawing
and art.

IF SO...

You are a person I'd like to teach.

NURSES: A creative class can restore energy and optimism. I offer a discounted class rate to say "thanks" for your invaluable work.

Anyone desiring to study art is motivated by the timeless and universal drive to create beauty. Developing skill and sensitivity helps students connect with their "art spirit" and is an instructor's foremost obligation.

Contact Information

Reach me by phone or e-mail:
  718 834-9442
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